Low-Noise Amplifier

Jochelle, Low-Noise Ampliflier

This is my first time building a low-noise amplifier in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) using Eagle. Building a PCB was a new experience for me because there are many things to consider such as the size of the board, the size of the components, and the connections between the components. This project was a part of the Introduction to Microelectronics lab course.

PCB Design

Here is the schematic of the amplifier where I used the an Audio Operational Amplifier (OP275) and MJE15032 transistor. Noticing there are two ampliflier in left and right channel.


This design is generated into a PCB design using Eagle. The PCB design is shown below.



The PCB board is manufactured and paid by the Engineering Department at San Francisco State University. The board is then soldered by me.


The board is soldered and ready to be tested. I did not get a chance to take a picture of the board after it was soldered.

Photo © Jochelle Viray.